Fartlek Training

Fartlek is a Swedish term that means “speed play” and is a form of interval training for runners. Fartlek Is effective in building your running speed and endurance. This training involves you varying your pace/effort throughout your run.

  • For this session complete the pre running warm up:
  • Run at RPE 4/5 for 5min
  • Then run at an RPE of 7-8 for three min then jog at an RPE of 3-4 for 2min
  • Repeat this 5 min block of training 4 times.
  • Easy 5min jog to finish

Remember not to overstretch yourself during the faster running keeping it at a max of 8 RPE. You should still be able to continue to jog after the effort. If you have to fully stop or walk you have gone to fast on your effort.  


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